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Current Status of IP Geolocation

Speaker: Massimo Candela, Senior Software Engineer at the Global IP Network of NTT In this webinar, Massimo answers many questions received from operators and shed a light on what the current techniques for IP geolocation are and how they differ.Massimo provides...


Out-of-Band network management

Speakers: Niels Raijer, Fusix Networks and Job Snijders, Global IP Network of NTT A discussion between Niels Raijer (Fusix Networks) and Job Snijders (NTT) regarding the merits and pitfalls of each other’s Out-of-Band networks.


BGPalerter and RPKI

Speaker: Massimo Candela, Senior Software Engineer at the Global IP Network of NTT Monitoring BGP is a fundamental activity for any player operating on the public Internet. In this presentation, Massimo Candela explains how BGP monitoring can ease your RPKI...


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The Rankings are Out, NTT is Up

How our Parent Company NTT Ranks in the Global Lists NTT Com is one of the most financially stable IP providers in the world due to the strong financial support of parent company NTT (Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp). In fact, NTT is one of the world’s largest...


NTT Communications Shortlisted for Eight Global Carrier Awards 2016

NTT Com "has an increasingly diverse core backbone and has become a powerhouse wholesale player in North America," judges said. NTT Communications has been shortlisted in eight categories for the Global Carrier Awards 2016, including Best Global Wholesale Carrier...


NTT Communications at Capacity Latam 2016

NTT Communications is the exclusive Platinum Sponsor of this Conference taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 15-16. NTT Communications will be participating at the Capacity Latam 2016 Conference that will take place next week in Rio de Janeiro,...


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NTT is a global leader in all Internet-related businesses. Our Tier-1 Global IP Network, consistently ranked among the top networks worldwide, spans the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania, providing the best possible environment for content, data and video transport through a single autonomous system number (AS2914).