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NTT has globally deployed best-of-breed infrastructure with robust DDoS mitigation capabilities and sufficient capacity to combat large-scale attacks. When notified of a possible DDoS attack, our security experts analyze network data to confirm an attack is underway and then apply various countermeasures including the redirection of all traffic destined for the DDoS target through NTT’s mitigation platform for scrubbing.

DDoS Protection Services (DPS)

Recognizing the continuously increasing size and complexity of DDoS attacks, NTT has expanded the mitigation options available to our customers. We have given them the opportunity to choose the tier of support necessary need based on your cyber defense strategies and plans. These options include, DPS Control, Core, Detect, Max and Max Plus.

DPS Control is an entry-level tier of service that provides support on access control lists (ACL) and is intended for customers that don’t require full mitigation assistance. Using the service, a customer can define permanent ACLs which are deployed on its NTT interface(s) to block a network from certain types of traffic as defined by the customer.

DPS Core is an advanced tier of service for customers that require full DDoS mitigation support. DPS Core is supported by NTT’s Network Security Team, the same expert team responsible for keeping the company’s Tier 1 Global IP Network (AS2914) infrastructure safe and secure.

DPS Detect offers an even higher, more thorough level of support. On top of all the great features offered by DPS Core, it adds services such as detection capabilities to help notify clients of potential attacks, and customer-initiated mitigations from the DPS Portal. Customers can also review their detection history and past mitigation reports, and request configuration changes.

DPS Max combines our resources, expertise and mitigation strategies to protect clients affected by DDoS attacks. DPS Max includes attack detection and automatic migration, and is supported by our Network Security Team. Based upon customer-defined attack thresholds, our DPS mitigation platform will automatically mitigate (auto-mitigate) attacks which have been detected.

DPS Max Plus is the most comprehensive offering for DDoS Protection. DPS Max Plus includes all of the DPS Max features and adds Enhanced Attack Diversion.

Subscribers to DPS Max Plus, Max, Detect and Core enjoy exclusive use of the company’s DPS Portal, a platform where customers can request mitigations and configuration changes, and review past mitigation reports.

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