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NTT Com remains firmly in control of the number one spot, says Capacity Magazine.

Capacity magazine published the Dyn Wholesale Ranking for Asia Pacific in its June/July issue. “NTT Communications remains firmly in control of the number one spot,” the magazine says.

NTT Com is once again in the #1 spot through high-quality services, impeccable customer support and reliability. The company is the first and largest provider in Asia to offer full global IP transit, including 510,000 routes through its Tier-1 global dual stack IPv6/v4 IP transit network.

NTT Com is expanding substantially in Asia, as the company continues strengthening service availability in existing and emerging markets, including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei and Bangladesh. This includes partnerships with local entities and IP market penetration through additional points of presence (PoP), including locations in Brunei, Bangkok and Jakarta.

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(Illustration and magazine pages courtesy of Capacity magazine).