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Speaker: Massimo Candela, Senior Software Engineer at the Global IP Network of NTT

In this webinar, Massimo answers many questions received from operators and shed a light on what the current techniques for IP geolocation are and how they differ.

Massimo provides a (mostly complete) list of contacts/API/forms to use for correcting geolocation information in the currently available providers. You’ll learn how to use the Geofeed Geolocation format (like the one used by LACNIC). Massimo also explains how the RIPE IPmap platform offered by RIPE NCC works and what the accuracy of their automatically inferred geolocation.

Massimo has drafted a proposal for the IETF for allowing internet operators to gain control of their geolocation data. Click ‘Finding and Using Geofeed Data‘ to learn about what NTT is doing to help with IP Geolocation data.

Instructor: Massimo Candela is focused on research and development of applications to guide decisions and to facilitate day-to-day Internet operations. Some of the open-source tools he developed are the go-to resources for network operators to monitor certain aspects of Internet performance. Currently, he is contributing to the automation and monitoring of the Global IP Network at NTT.