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The Internet as we know it is changing. NTT is not just sitting back, watching the change set in. We’re at the forefront, influencing its every turn. Make the shift with the world leader in IPv6.

What is IPv6 and How Does It Affect My Business?

The Situation

The number of free addresses is rapidly being depleted because of the Internet’s success. In February of 2011, the last blocks of IPv4 address were allocated marking the beginning of the end for this protocol. With billions of users and Internet-enabled applications all over the world, we need room to grow.

The Solution: IPv6

IPv6 was designed to overcome the limitations of the current Internet protocol, IPv4. While IPv4 only allows for 4 billion nodes on the Internet, IPv6 dramatically increases address space from 32 to 128 bits, which provides 340 undecillion (340×1036) addresses. This will allow for every person on the planet to be designated millions of IP addresses, anticipated to be enough space to accommodate the expansion of the Internet to include every electronic device in the world, now and in the future.

Make the Transition

IPv6 is gradually replacing IPv4. During the transition, IPv6 and IPv4 will co-exist, with traffic steadily moving to IPv6. Our global backbone has already been fully upgraded to run dual stack—both IPv4 and IPv6. We invite you to join our network and experience the freedom of our IPv6 Native, Tunneling, and Dual Stack Gateway Services.

Added Benefits

Prefix Propagation & Automatic Configuration

Instead of forcing your network administrators to renumber the entire network every time you change ISPs, IPv6 utilizes prefix propagation, which makes renumbering networks considerably easier. Businesses can utilize automatic configuration with IPv6 to deploy desktops, laptops, and servers anywhere in a company’s network worldwide without having to be on site. That makes for a measurably more productive use of time and money.

Improved Mobile & Qos Support

IPv6 provides more flexible support for mobile computing devices, such as laptops, PDAs, cell phones, wristwatch computers, GPS tracking devices, and any other brilliant technology yet to be developed. IPv6 supports automatic transparent address reconfiguration while a device is in use, which provides better support for secure communications. IPv6 also improves on QoS support so time sensitive applications, such as video or VoIP, can be prioritized over less critical applications.

Why Choose NTT?

We Know IPv6

NTT has been directly involved with the development and deployment of IPv6 technology since 1996. Our network was the first of its kind to offer commercially available dual-stack IPv6 transit in the U.S. and then globally. Our highly experienced IPv6 engineers have been on the forefront of IPv6 implementation for over a decade.

Our IPv6 Service History

  • 1996: NTT’s labs start one of the world’s largest global IPv6 research networks
  • 1998: Verio begins participation in PAIX native IPv6 IX
  • 1999: NTT begins IPv6 tunneling trial for Japanese customers
  • 2000: Verio obtains IPv6 sTLA from ARIN
  • 2001: NTT pioneers the world’s first IPv6 connectivity services on a commercial basis
  • 2002: World Communications Awards (WCA) gives NTT the “Best Technology Foresight” award for its IPv6 global products
  • 2003: NTT/Verio launches IPv6 Native, Tunneling, and Dual Stack commercial service in North America
  • 2003: Communications Solutions magazine names NTT/Verio IPv6 Gateway Services “Product of the Year”
  • 2004: NTT’s IPv6 Native and Dual Stack services become available around the globe
  • 2004: NTT wins the World Communications Awards “Best New Service” award for IPv6/IPv4 Global Dual Service
  • 2005: Dual stack Virtual Private Server released, making NTT the first ISP to offer an IPv6 Managed Firewall service
  • 2006: NTT launches the IPv6 Transition Consultancy
  • 2007: NTT is awarded GSA Schedule 70 contract for IPv6 IP transit

Our Protection Services

Our IntelliSecurity™ IPv6 Managed Firewall solution has improved upon the inherent security features of IPv6 to provide our IPv6 customers with a higher level of protection throughout their organization. With 24x7x365 monitoring of hackers and other Internet-related threats, your network and data remain secure.

It’s Time

The move to IPv6 might seem like a big step, but with our global expertise and infrastructure, there is no reason for it to be a difficult one. Our IPv6 transit services are ready for every business prepared to take the next step into the future of the Internet.

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